The Power Hour


  • Do you feel you have mid morning/afternoon energy slumps?
  • Have you noticed its harder than usual to shift weight from around your middle?
  • Have you noticed your body doesn’t respond in the same way to exercise as it once did?
  • Do you find yourself lacking concentration, struggling to find words, or just feeling a little ‘fuzzy’?
  • Are you starting to experience hot flashes? Night sweats?
  • Have you noticed an increase in anxiety, low mood or erratic mood swings?

Exercise can help with all of the above!

As you transition through your Terrific Thirties, Fabulous Forties and Fantastic Fifties you are embarking on a time of life when exercise is a non negotiable. Exercise and daily movement helps to reduce the risk of cognitive diseases, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, reduce the impact of stress, promote mental health and wellbeing to name a few benefits, as well as helping to keep you mobile. This is then key to maintaining health and independence in later life too.

Whilst it’s never too late to start, it’s even better to prepare in advance…

The focus of these sessions is not only on ensuring you FEEL GREAT NOW, but also building healthy habits for the future, designed to ensure ladies power their way through the second half of their life with zest, vitality and energy.

We will incorporate exercises that are:

  • heart raising
  • muscle strengthening
  • bone protecting
  • as well as movement to promote ‘vitality markers’ (increasing cognitive function, speed, agility, balance, cognition…)
  • and release work.

This programme is suitable for ladies aged 30+, of all abilities, bookable in 6 week blocks. 

1-1 sessions are available £247

2-1 sessions where you train with a partner cost £197

Small group sessions cost £97

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