The Power Hour

Launching Wednesday 11th September, 10.30am

Midlife is a time of life when exercise is a non negotiable – helping to reduce the risk of cognitive diseases, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, reduce the impact of stress, promote mental health and wellbeing to name a few benefits, as well as helping to keep you mobile.

The focus of these sessions is on movement for midlife and beyond, designed to ensure ladies power their way through the second half of their life with zest, vitality and energy.

We will incorporate exercises that are:

  • heart raising
  • muscle strengthening
  • bone protecting
  • as well as movement to promote ‘vitality markers’ (increasing cognitive function, speed, agility, balance, cognition…)
  • and release work.

This class is suitable for ladies aged 35+, of all abilities.

Take part for just £14 per session.

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