Scar Massage Therapy

Scar therapy uses massage and soft tissue release strategies to address adhesions that build up under your scar. These adhesions are formed in response to your body producing scar tissue to heal a wound. Unlike normal tissue which contains collagen fibres laid down in an orderly manner, in scar tissue the collagen fibres are laid in an adhoc manner, which can cause the scar tissue to be restricted and feel ‘stuck’.  This in turn can then cause restricted movement patterns via the fascia (it’s all connected). 

The aim of scar massage therapy is to prevent and clear these adhesions, enabling your scar tissue to move more freely and remove the feeling of being ‘stuck’ or having restricted movement patterns. Using a whole body approach breathing, movement and core functioning will be considered as well as addressing the scar itself. 

Who is this treatment for? 

Anyone with an abdominal scar, you may have had…

  • C-Section
  • Hysterectomy
  • Appendectomy
  • Hernia repair
  • Laparoscopic surgery

However there are some instances where scar therapy may not be suitable (i.e. you have had a mesh repair).

What’s involved? 

Prior to meeting you will be asked to complete a Women’s Wellness pre-screen which will consider your pelvic health history, history of your scar and lifestyle factors. During the initial consultation we will then spend time discussing your answers, your lifestyle and general wellbeing. Each scar has its own story, as such this can often be quite an emotional process, we take it slowly, I take time to listen. For those who are postnatal this will include a birth debrief too. 

Next there will be an assessment of your breathing, posture, core connection and movement, all elements closely linked to and affected by your core. Following this massage and soft tissue release strategies will be used to release any areas that are restricted across the body, this may include breath correction work. This is done slowly and gently with time taken before moving to your abdomen and the scar. Often the scar is the last area to be addressed. 

This process may take a number of sessions – it may be that the scar itself is not worked on in the initial session. 

The initial appointment lasts 90 minutes and costs £75. 

Subsequent appointments are 60 minutes and will cost £60. 

A package of 3 scar therapy sessions can be purchased for £185. 

Massage and Movement Recovery Packages

For those interested in combining scar therapy with movement recovery packages there are a variety of options available. 

If you have had a C-Section then the the Holistic Core Restore® C-Section Recovery Programme is ideal. 

The Holistic Core Restore® Recovery is the programme for those who have undergone hysterectomy or prolapse surgery.