A 6 week online challenge where you and your family will embark on a journey of fun, food and fitness!


Please note all families will be asked to complete a screening form to ensure suitability.


This online challenge offers you and your family activities  designed  to  help  you  promote and raise awareness of what constitutes  a  healthy  lifestyle.

It is advisable that any children taking part in the fitness challenges are aged 5+.

You  should  not  rely  on  this  information  as  a  substitute  for,  nor  does  it  replace,  professional medical advice,  diagnosis,  or  treatment.

If  you  have  any  concerns  or  questions  about  yours or your families  health,  you  should  always  consult  a doctor  or  healthcare  professional.

You  are  strongly  advised  to  seek  permission  from  your  doctor for all of your family  prior  to  undertaking any  exercise.  This  is  particularly  important  if  you or anyone in your family has  high/low  blood  pressure,  diabetes,  high  cholesterol,  are  being prescribed  medication,  have  or  have  a  family  history  of  heart  conditions,  smoke,  drink  above  the  weekly  recommend  alcohol  intake,  are  not used  to  exercise,  are  pregnant,  have  ever  felt  pain  in  your  chest  when  exercising,  regularly  feel  dizzy,  faint  or  lose  consciousness  or  have ever  suffered  with  unusual  shortness  of  breath  when  exercising.

You and your family  should  accept  that  any  form  of  physical  exercise  is  not without  risk.

You  are  responsible  for  evaluating  your  medical  and  physical  condition  prior  to  exercise.

You  should  work  within  your capabilities  at  all  times  and  select  the  appropriate  level  according  to  your  skill.

If  you  experience  any  light  headedness,  dizziness, shortness of  breath  or  feel  unwell  during  any  exercise  you  should  cease  immediately.

Use  of  the  challenge  is  voluntary,  as  such  you  agree  that  you  do so  at  your  own  risk  and  assume  all  risk  of  injury  to  yourself.

Please be sensible with the space you use, watch out for any slip or trip hazards.

Lottie͛s  Lifestyle  and  Fitness  assumes  or  undertakes  NO  LIABILITY  for  any loss  or  damage  suffered  as  a  result  of  the  use  or  misuse  of  any  information  or  content  or  any  reliance  thereon.