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Holistic Core Restore®  are groundbreaking, world leading programmes in the world of Womens’ Wellness created by Jenny Burrell. Offering Pelvic Floor, Core Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing for every woman at every life phase.

The Science Behind It…

This is why the Holistic Core Restore® programmes are MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PERFORMING KEGELS OR TRADITIONAL ABDOMINAL EXERCISE ALONE for TRUE CORE RESTORE and Pelvic Floor activation and reconnecting and integrating your core to YOUR WHOLE BODY!

5 Key Elements

1. The Myofascial System/Myofascial Meridians/entire Kinetic Chain – NOSE TO TOES and their effect on the Pelvic Floor, your entire Core and the rest of your AMAZING BODY!

2. Functional everyday movement patterns that get the Pelvic Floor/Core and your whole body ready for REAL LIFE MOVEMENT.

3. ‘Intrinsic Core Synergy®‘ – The innate synergy of all all the components of the core driven by the breath.

4. We help you nourish your body through ‘just eating real food’ that provides the fuel for deep healing and tissue regeneration on a cellular level. What we eat MATTERS!

5. We help you to identify and replace unhelpful nutrition and lifestyle factors that may also negatively impact your Core Restoration and global health with simple, easy to implement alternatives .

We combine all 5 elements in mindful movement to reconnect you to your Pelvic Floor and Core deeper and with greater specificity than the average exercise programme targeted at women.  We move your WHOLE BODY to REPAIR AND RECONNECT YOUR CORE!

It’s essential that we go deeper and move slower before we start adding weights and moving faster so that we prioritize reconnection above simply thrashing out sets and reps. These programmes have worked for 1000’s of women who leaked when they jumped or had Diastasis, back pain and tummys that they simply couldn’t reconnect to and we think they will work for you too!

Here’s what your Pelvic Floor looks like when you’re performing Kegels…….the peaks represent the muscle activation when you ACTIVELY tense and and lift the Pelvic Floor.

Now, this is what happens when we use the Adductors (Inner Thigh Muscles) via their connection through the Fascial System to also help to activate the Pelvic Floor.  The Pelvic Floor, doesn’t work in isolation and so asking nearby muscles to help it connect to the whole body can also be part of your integration strategy.  But note….NO KEGELS involved….this is UNCONSCIOUS activation of the Pelvic Floor which is also part of restoring innate function.

And here, we add a squatting action, again without performing Kegels to aid PF integration and activation.  In our programmes, we’ll tie these functional movements to the breath and add our own unique Pelvic Floor activation cueing to truly create a Pelvic Floor that is ready for movement and the activity that you love to and need to do daily.

Crucially, we then combine all of the FUNCTIONAL, FASCIAL, INTEGRATED MOVEMENTS with your breath to really get all the components of your core – your tummy muscles, your Pelvic Floor, your Diaphragm and your low back muscles all  ’speaking to each other’ – ‘INTRINSIC CORE SYNERGY’®.

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman 6 Week Foundation Programme

This is a holistic programme where the focus is on you, a programme that every woman should gift her self at least once in her lifetime! Over 12 weeks you will receive education on your pelvic floor, core, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. We will work together to re-establish your connection with your pelvic floor ensuring it is fit for purpose. The programme is adaptable for virtually all women and is designed to ‘bring you back home’ to your amazing body.

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