Holistic Core Restore® Fit to Walk

Walking is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to improve and maintain fitness, accessible to all and free BUT ensuring that your body is in the best condition to support you will mean you can walk further and for longer with much more ease. 

If you’ve recently taken up extended periods of walking or hiking as a leisure/movement activity, we bet that you’ll want to walk in more comfort, walk stronger and walk for longer?  If that’s a YES, then this programme is for you.

A beautiful 6 week programme delivered, direct to you in your home that does what it says on the tin….it will get you fitter and stronger to enjoy your walking time.  Full of mobilizations and strengthening drills for your whole body (because walking is a whole-body sport) as well as beautiful relaxation and breathwork practices guaranteed to have you feeling like you literally have a new body!

What’s included and how can I get involved ? 

This is a six week programme, that is going to give you a good foundation – literally from the ground up! 6 weeks of live coach sessions focussing on different body parts before putting it all together…

Week 1: Foot and Ankle 

Week 2: Calves and Shins

Week 3: Building better knees – mastering your ‘kneehab’

Week 4: Hip Strength & Mobility 

Week 5: Lumbopelvic Mobility 

Week 6: Putting it all together with plyometrics

Plus… Access to a specific Fit to Walk members area with a library of support videos and relevant information

The next sessions commence Monday 2nd November at 9.45am. 

Sign up before October 16th to qualify for the new introductory rate of £77 for the 6 weeks, £99 thereafter.

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