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Hi, I’m, Charlotte and welcome you to Lottie’s Lifestyle and Fitness.

I’m a Womens Wellness Coach based in Kingswinford, in the West Midlands. I offer education, empowerment and support, helping ladies  to understand the factors that affect their health and wellbeing.

I specialise in supporting women through all major life phases including pregnancy, postnatal, the peri menopausal period and beyond.

Combining my skills as a fitness and wellbeing coach as well as a soft tissue therapist, I am able to guide you through appropriate movement, nutrition, mindset and wellbeing strategies appropriate to your needs. As a Holistic Core Restore® Coach I am able to bring you gold standard womens wellness programmes that meet your needs, whether you are looking for a pelvic floor ‘tune up’, to be Fit to Run, to gain strength and power through the Athlete 12 programme or to slow down with our meditation, mindfulness and gratitude ZenWoman programme, I’ve got your needs covered.

For those ladies who require that extra support, compassion and guidance, who require rehabilitative programmes such as C-Section Recovery, Hysterectomy or Prolapse Recovery or those who have a Diastasis, I am able combine my specialist specialist skills in scar therapy with the gold standard Holistic Core Restore® Recovery programmes and offer a gentle and nurturing programme.

As a wife, mum of two young (and active) boys, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend and business owner, I understand the challenges faced by ladies in prioritising their own health and wellbeing. At the centre of my packages is a focus on YOU and a collaborative partnership. We will work together to personalise your exercise and movement prescription or soft tissue therapy. I aim to help you understand how to best support your body, feel confident to move and enjoy life!  Together we will establish realistic goals so that you BELIEVE in yourself, create an movement, nutrition and lifestyle plan enabling you to BE ACTIVE and ultimately the ability to ACHIEVE what makes you happy.

I look forward to empowering you to live the best life you can,




I grew up in the West Midlands. While the rest of my family were very active I did not share their enthusiasm for climbing mountains, running and the great outdoors. I was much happier walking miles in a shopping centre than I was in the countryside.

My perspective and priorities changed in 2011. Within 6 months of the birth of my first child, I also lost my dad suddenly and unexpectedly aged just 51. I decided a career in teaching was no longer for me, and relocated back to the West Midlands to be nearer family.

It was during my second pregnancy that I began to exercise. Although I felt out of my comfort zone, I enjoyed the sessions and they began to leave me feeling renewed and energized. Following the birth of my second child I began to crave exercise, attending buggy bootcamps and taking up running. I was motivated, it became addictive and I experienced a renewed zest for life!

Although I was attending postnatal specific exercise classes, I received no rehabilitation advice, no tummy checks and no one to tell me I was overdoing it and to take it easy! I was undoubtedly fitter than I had been in years but I was defitinely not healthier. I was exercising too much, doing the wrong things with no regard for my overall wellbeing or core. Despite this it did leave me with an understanding of how effective exercise can bring major health and wellbeing improvements (and the consequences when done badly).

My experiences resulted in the creation of Lottie’s Lifestyle and Fitness so that I can help other women who want to improve their well-being. I became passionate about ensuring ladies have support and guidance appropriate to their needs and life stage. I believe a healthy lifestyle is not only about exercise, but freedom to move, nutritional and wellbeing support. I understand the importance of starting with the basics, gaining a strong foundation and building upwards from there.

Strong Mama


Holistic Core Restore® Coach

C-Section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Immersion Specialist (Burrell Education)

3rd Age Woman Peri- Post menopause Wellness Coaching CPD (Burrell Education)

Optimal Health after Hysterectomy CPD  (Burrell Education)

Optimal Nutrition and Lifestyle for Postnatal Recovery and Healing (Burrell Education)

Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore and Functional Programming (Burrell Education)

Advanced CPD in Modern Functional Pregnancy Exercise Programming (Burrell Education)

L3 Personal Trainer (Discovery Learning/YMCA)

L3 Sports Massage Therapy (Burrell Education)

L3 Pre and Post Natal Fitness (Discovery Learning/YMCA)

L2 Childrens Fitness (Discovery Learning/YMCA)

Antenatal, Birth and Postnatal Doula (Nurturing Birth)

First Aid

REP's Exercise Professional
Sports Therapy Association
Holistic Core Restore® Coach
Postnatal Exercise Specialist
Pregnancy exercise specialist